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Reset failed logins for a locked user in linux

Q: You are trying to login to a server but you face following message: "Account locked due to 7 failed logins" A: It's due to multiple failed logins and you need to reset the failed logins counter. 1. Check number of failed logins: # pam_tally2 -u user1 -r  Login    Failures    Latest failure    From  user1      5         06/18/13 11:24:15 2. Reset the failed logins counter with -r option: # pam_tally2 -u user1 -r  Login    Failures    Latest failure    From  user1      5         06/18/13 11:24:15 3. Issue the command again to verify: # pam_tally2 -u user1  Login    Failures    Latest failure    From  user1      0          

Extend Swap logical volume in Linux

There are times that you need to extend swap partition in your Linux server, here is the step by step: 1. Check current swap size: # swapon -s  Filename                           Type            Size    Used    Priority  /dev/mapper/vg00-lv_swap           partition       8388604 0       -1 or via lvm commands: # lvdisplay /dev/vg00/lv_swap   --- Logical volume ---   LV Name                /dev/vg00/lv_swap   VG Name                vg00   LV UUID                8RTlA8-6R64-N3rz-1kcX-TJHX-yLca-sxxbl8   LV Write Access        read/write   LV Status              available   # open                 2   LV Size                8.00 GiB   Current LE             2048   Segments               1   Allocation             inherit   Read ahead sectors     auto   - currently set to     1024   Block device           253:4 2. Check if there is enough space available in the VG that contains the swap logical volume. In this case there is 10.87GB free space available: # vgdi