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Edit VMware .vmx file for the VM

If you need to change some parameters in your vmx file, here is how to do it. Just be careful as vmx is like heart of the VM, you need to make backup of it before any changes, otherwise in case anything goes wrong your vm might be unbootable. 1. Shutdown the VM 2. Browse the datastore and make a backup of the .vmx file 3. Remove the VM from inventory in vCenter by right click on the VM and choose Remove from Inventory 4. Download the vmx file from datastore 5. Edit and make any necessary changes 6. Upload it back to datastore 7. Register back the vm to inventory, browse the datastore, right click on the .vmx file, choose Add to Inventory There you have it.

Rebuild your new Yum repository after changing the packages

If you have done any  changes  to your local  repository  packages, adding new ones or deleting some, you can just simply update your yum sqlite metadata database for your changes to take effect, rather than creating the whole repository again which takes time if you have  thousands  of packages in your repository.  Here is how we rebuild our yum repository. 1. After you are done with adding/removing packages to your local repo, then: # createrepo --update /path/to/repo_dir 2. On the  client  side, you need to clean up the cached yum meta data in order to see the changes after repo rebuild: # yum clean all 3. Now update the  client  yum cache  # yum update