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Git Bash Alias

Here is how my Git Bash Aliases look like: $ cat /.bash_profile alias _cd="cd ~/downloads/git/puppet" alias gs="git status" alias ga="git add -A" alias gc="git commit" alias gd="git diff origin/master" alias gp="git pull --rebase origin master" alias gpu="git push" and in my shared home directory to run puppet: alias pa="sudo puppet agent -t"

Install Puppet Automation on Red hat Enterprise Linux /CentOS 6.5

Intro What is Puppet? If you are managing hundreds to thousands servers, Automation is meaningful to you. And Puppet is the server/client tool that orchestrate your infrastructure. Puppet works in a way that you can define your desired state of your system and services, files or directories in puppet master, and reset of your servers as puppet agent, will check in by default every 30 minutes and get their new configuration if any exist for them. So basically Puppet holds the control of config files in your servers and since you can consider everything in Linux as file, Puppet is the tool to manage the files. Some of the Puppet capabilities: Set cron jobs Install or remove packages Ensure services are running Control files Execute commands Implementation  I have demonstrated below how to implement puppet in your environment both online and offline for those servers that are not connected to internet via local repositories.  Online Method Inst

VMware VM with High CPU usage becomes unresponsive

Today one of our producation VMs became unreposnsive with VMware graphs were showing CPU 100% usage and CPU high alerts in vCenter logs, After diving deep into logs, below are my observations from VMware and Linux logs within period before the crash, From ESXi side,  we can see host has lost access to SAP01 datastore, but our VM is resided in DS01, So it should not affects this VM operation. Lost access to volume 547f2eaa-1a00d590-44f0-001018b3dc14  (SAP01) due to connectivity issues. Recovery attempt is in progress and outcome will be reported shortly. info 7/17/2013 6:56:47 AM SAP01 Successfully restored access to volume 547f2eaa-1a00d590-44f0-001018b3dc14 (SAP01) following connectivity issues. info 7/17/2013 6:56:47 AM From VM guest side,  there is only 1 entry related to CPU status has been recorded: Alarm 'Virtual machine CPU usage' changed from Green to Red info 7/16/2015 1:59:10 PM PRODvm From VM guest vmware.log file,  the