24 July 2014

Foreman fresh installation issue on Foreman proxy

After a fresh  installation of Foreman, I got another weird error while try to add a host to foreman:

# puppet agent --test
Error: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER: Failed when searching for node node.example.com: Failed to find node.example.com via exec: Execution of '/etc/puppet/node.rb node.example.com' returned 1:
Warning: Not using cache on failed catalog
Error: Could not retrieve catalog; skipping run

It turns out that issue is because of foreman proxy that it has not been created during installation.

So need to create it manually. In foreman GUI:

Infrastructure > Smart proxies > add new proxy

or if there is any exist edit it and correct the entry of your proxy FQDN. It's something like https://node.example.com:8443

And again, after try to add new proxy, yet another bug: 
Unable to communicate with the proxy: ERF12-2530 [ProxyAPI::ProxyException]: Unable to detect features ([RestClient::RequestTimeout]: Request Timeout for proxy Please check the proxy is configured and running on the host

Now solution for this error is to increase the proxy request timeout value from 0 to 60:

Administer > Settings > General > proxy_request_timeout 0 -> 60


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