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A puppet manifest with some challenging requirements to do the proper modification in hundreds of servers in one shot!

I needed to install SolarWinds Log and Event Manager in  hundreds  of Linux servers for my  client. But there were some  obstacles  to over come as it was not a normal software  installation .  I needed to adept my puppet manifest to declare all my  specific   requirements  and of course make sure to run installation  unattended.  Requirements So...t he sweet  requirements : 1. if the old LEM is installed, uninstall it 2. before uninstall the old version, stop the service 3. if  directory   couldn't  delete, force delete it 4. download the installer file from the designed server and path 5. since it's unattended  installation , download a defined  response  file as well 6. since the setup file is not able to take the response file with  absolute  path,  execute  the installer in a  directory  where  response  file has been downloaded 7. for some unknown reasons,  installer  was starting to  execute  before  response  file get downloaded, so I needed to ma

SNMP Configuration Full Monitoring

When you have monitoring system in place for the Linux environment, if you want to make a full use of it, you need to consider using SNMP protocol. Net-SNMP needs to be installed in your Linux boxes and be configured properly. Installation: SNMP can be installed via yum command on Redhat/CentOS or "zypper" command in Suse servers: # yum install net-snmp.x86_64 SNMP MIBs With standard SNMP configuration, you don't get much details monitoring information you would like to have. So SNMP needs to be configured properly to produce all sort of SNMP MIBS. A standard Linux SNMP config produce following limited MIBs only if we snmpwalk on it: # snmpwalk -mALL -v1 -cpublic . = STRING: "Linux hostname 2.6.18-371.el5 #1 SMP Thu Sep 5 21:21:44 EDT 2013 x86_64" . = OID: . = TIMETICKS: 59756051 . = STRING: "Root <root@localhost> (configure