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Stress Test New VMware Infrastructure

I was performing some stress tests on Linux VMware machines for a new environment to evaluate and find the resource bottlenecks and how SAN storage reacts in terms of CPU I/O waiting before using this environment for production purpose. I got the interesting results and would like to share with you guys. The "stress" tool has been used with options shown below: # stress -c 65 -i 60 -m 25 --vm-bytes 256M -t 120m -v -c: number of CPU workers -i: number of IO workers -m: number of Memory workers --vm-bytes: allocate memory size for each memory worker(default 256MB) -t: the duration of running the test -v: make the test in verbose mode With this options, I went through 150 for 5min CPU load and almost 100 for 15min load which is pretty amazing. It has carried out in a test VM with 2 vCPU and 4GB memory. # stress -c 65 -i 60 -m 25 --vm-bytes 256M -t 120m -v top - 17:44:56 up 55 min,  3 users,   load average: 151.21, 124.73, 99.78 Tasks: 254 total,  67 run

IBM Storwize v3700 Configuration Backup

Since IBM Storwize storage system  doesn't  use typical  command line interface, you need to know its special commands in order to carry out your stuff via CLI.  I needed to create backup of storage configurations and transfer them to my local computer. Things didn't go quiet easy as after logged in to CLI you will notice even "ls" or "cd" commands are not exist. Here is how I carry out this task together with the commands and results. lsdumps To check the previous  backed up files, use "lsdumps": IBM_2072:STGHostname:superuser>lsdumps id filename 0  ethernet.7806628-1.trc 1  livedump.7806628-1.140819.163538 2  snap.7806628.tgz 3  7806628-1.trc 4  svc.config.cron.bak_7806628-1 5  svc.config.cron.sh_7806628-1 6  svc.config.cron.xml_7806628-1 7  svc.config.cron.log_7806628-1 svcconfig To create the backup, "svcconfig" is the command: IBM_2072:STGHostname:superuser>svcconfig backup ......................