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Datadog Integration with Postgres/MongoDB/Apache/Elasticsearch

Datadog has integration with almost any popular services. I have integrated our Datadog to specifically monitor our needed services. Here is how I did it. Step 1: Datadog Agent Install Datadog agent for your specific OS in your server. You can download the specific agent in the Datadog UI under Integrations -> Agent. Step 2: Configure Agent You need to configure the YAML file for each specific service you would like to be monitored. Postgres: 1. Create a read-only Postgres role with access to  pg_stat_database In our case, we have a 3 servers clustered Postgres with PG-Pool. So you need to create the Postgres role and PG-Pool user in each 3 servers. A.  Create PG role Connect to your pg instance in each server and run following queries:  $ psql -h server -U postgres -W postgres# create user datadog with password 'datadog' ; postgres# grant SELECT ON pg_stat_database to datadog; B. Create encrypted password with MD5 for PG-Pool Lo