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Jenkins Docker Container Problem Connecting to JFrog Artifactory Docker Container

So I was setting up Jenkins in Docker to build Gradle projects and push the WAR artifacts to JFrog Artifactory Docker container.

I have started the Jenkins and Artifactory containers as follows:

Jenkins via  docker run:
$ docker run --name myjenkins -p 8080:8080 -p 50000:50000 -v /home/arvin/jenkins:/var/jenkins_home jenkins Jenkins via  docker-compose:
jenkins: image: jenkins:latest ports: - "8080:8008" - "50000:50000" volumes: - /home/arvin/jenkins:/var/jenkins_home jenkins Artifactory via  docker run:
$ docker run -d --name myartifact -p 8081:8081 Artifactory via docker-compose:
artifactory: image: ports: - "8081:8001" volumes: - /home/arvin/artifact/data:/var/opt/jfrog/artifactory/data - /home/arvin/artifact/logs:/var/opt/jfrog/artifactory/logs - /home/arvin/artifact/etc:/var/opt/jfrog/artifacto…