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Running Docker Wildfly/JBoss Application Server in Debug mode via Eclipse

I have recently built the whole Development Environment of Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) project on multiple Docker containers. It has saved the hassle of setting up a dev env for new developers. All it takes to setup the environment is to clone our github repositories and run the Docker images. I will explain the setup in a future post. Build Wildfly Docker Image with Debugging Enabled So basically in order to run the Wildfly in debug mode, we need to add --debug  flag to the Wildfly  startup script. Also we need to expose port 8787  in our image as it's the default port for Wildfly JVM debug mode. 1. Create or change your Wildfly Dockerfile as follows: $ cat Dockerfile FROM jboss/wildfly: 10.0 . 0 .Final EXPOSE 8787 CMD [ "/opt/jboss/wildfly/bin/" , "-b" , "" , "-bmanagement" , "" , "--debug" ] 2. Build and tag the image: $ docker build -t wildfly-debug . 3.